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About Us



About Us

You can buy or sell a vast array of items on eWiNbAy.co.uk (subject to our policy restrictions) and whether you want to shop, run a business or just sell from time-to-time, this is the place to be.

But what makes eWiNbAy.co.uk distinct from other popular auction sites is that we encourage the trading of educational and cultural items. So if you have (say) an educational game or a piece of cultural artwork to sell /buy – your first port of call is eWiNbAy.co.uk

At eWiNbAy.co.uk you can find that something special that may be difficult to find or market elsewhere.

Let your colleagues, friends and family know where they can go. This is an extra special site for an extra special community – join in – register now.

Remember, eWiNbAy.co.uk is the educational & cultural auction space.